Project Description
Visual Studio 2010 editor extension for JavaScript & CSS code blocks and custom regions outlining.

As a Web 2 developer I found myself dealing with fast growing JavaScript and CSS code files.
And I really missed the code regions in Visual Studio, which is a nice way to organize the code blocks and focus on reasonable small amount of code.
There are some macros available out on the web for placing a regions outlining in JavaScript code editor.
I was not fully satisfied with macros and the fact I have to manually run them (even with a shortcut keys) every time I open the JavaScript file.
Thus, I have spend some amount of my time and came out with a Visual Studio 2010 Editor Extension for JavaScript & CSS Oulining.


Even, if this first version is simple as functionality it gave me much better JavaScript & CSS code experience.
So, I decided to share it with you guys and hope it helps you too.



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